Green Bay Packers Preseason Finale: Player Performances And Roster Prospects

In the wake of a dynamic preseason, the Green Bay Packers concluded their preparation with a victorious triumph in the Green Bay Packers preseason finale against the Seattle Seahawks. While the ultimate score continued to generate discussion.

The spotlight prominently shifted to players who bolstered or challenged their prospects of clinching a coveted roster position. As the dust settles at Lambeau Field, we delve into the impactful performances, unfolding narratives, and the realization or disappointment of aspirations.

Green Bay Packers preseason finale

In a nail-biting contest that ended with a 19-15 victory, undrafted free agent Benny Sapp III made a game-winning interception, sealing the win for the Packers. The match showcased the efforts of players aiming to secure their positions in the team’s lineup, making it a crucial opportunity for many on the cusp of a breakthrough.

Quarterback Jordan Love showcased his potential by completing 21 of 33 passes, including three touchdown throws. Notably, he connected with Christian Watson for a touchdown on his final attempt, leaving a lasting impression as the preseason wrapped up.

However, the preseason finale is about more than just the starters. It’s a chance for less established players to demonstrate their worth. As the roster cutdown loomed, several players found themselves in the spotlight for both positive and negative reasons.

Here’s an overview of the players who made significant strides and those who faced challenges in their pursuit of a spot on the roster.

Players Who Elevated Their Prospects:

  1. Brenton Cox: Despite a checkered past, Cox exhibited promise as a pass rusher. He displayed his skills by consistently pressuring the quarterback and making impactful plays. His challenge lies in the competitive numbers at the outside linebacker position.
  2. Emanuel Wilson: Wilson’s prowess as a runner stood out, positioning him as a strong contender for a third running back spot. Although a place on the initial 53-man roster seems unlikely, his consistent performances might earn him a spot on the practice squad.
  3. Patrick Taylor: Taylor showcased versatility and reliability in his play, making him a suitable candidate for a third running back position. His all-around abilities, including pass protection and receiving, could be his ticket to securing a spot.
  4. Grant DuBose: DuBose’s recovery from injury and consistent preseason appearances positioned him well. As a former draft pick, he benefited from his on-field presence and a relatively healthy status.
  5. Innis Gaines: Despite facing an injury setback, Gaines returned to practice and made contributions on special teams. His role in this aspect of the game could be pivotal in securing a roster spot.
  6. Anders Carlson: Carlson’s secure place on the roster wasn’t in question. His performance in the preseason, particularly his strong field goal kicks, showcased his resilience and ability to deliver under pressure.

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Players Who Faced Challenges:

  1. Royce Newman: Newman’s inconsistency and struggles on the offensive line posed challenges. His repeated penalties and vulnerabilities in blocking raised concerns, especially with the team’s depth at offensive tackle.
  2. Eric Wilson: Wilson, although a solid special teams player, faced competition for a linebacker position. His performance on defense was acceptable, but it may not be enough to secure his spot as the team’s No. 4 linebacker.
  3. Jadakis Bonds: Bonds notable play, a 52-yard reception, highlighted his potential. However, his chances of making the 53-man roster remained uncertain, considering the presence of other receivers and injury situations.


As the curtain falls on the Packers preseason, a panorama of player performances, stories, and aspirations come into focus. From rising stars who seized their moments to veterans struggling to redefine their roles, the preseason unveiled a spectrum of emotions. The forthcoming roster cutdown looms, bringing with it decisions that will shape the team’s trajectory for the regular season. Amidst the uncertainties, the journey of each player, laden with hopes and setbacks, epitomizes the essence of the preseason journey.


What significance does the Packers preseason finale hold?

The Packers preseason finale goes beyond the final score, serving as a platform for players to prove their worth and solidify roster positions.

Who are some players that excelled in the preseason finale?

Notable players who made strides include Brenton Cox, Emanuel Wilson, and Patrick Taylor, each showcasing unique skills and potential.

Which players face challenges in securing roster spots?

Players like Royce Newman, Eric Wilson, and Jadakis Bonds encountered hurdles due to inconsistent performances, competition, or limited roster space.

When will the Packers make their final roster cuts?

The Packers must make their final roster cuts by 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 30.

How many players can the Packers keep on their roster?

The Packers can keep up to 53 players on their roster.

What happens to players who are cut from the Packers roster?

Players who are cut from the Packers roster can be placed on waivers, where they can be claimed by another team. Players who are not claimed on waivers become free agents.

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