French Montana Look-Alike of Kim Kardashian: A Pictorial Manifestation of Their Love

French Montana, who once dated Khloe Kardashian, she was seen enjoying a leisurely day at the beach with French Montana look-alike of Kim Kardashian who wore a French Montana pink floss bikini.

French Montana Gets A Handful Of Kim Kardashian Look Alike On The Beach

The mysterious woman enjoyed each other’s attention (LADY/BACKGRID)

  • From Jamie Roberts
  • 7:59 p.m., Oct. 23, 2023

French Montana was photographed enjoying a day at the beach with a lookalike of Kim Kardashian.

The Grammy-nominated musician once dated Kim’s sister in 2014, with the rapper previously stating that his “love is real”. The two have remained friends since dating, but now it seems he has moved on with someone who looks like Kiki’s sister, Kim, 43.

The look-alike was seen leaning over the star while relaxing on a sunbed. She displayed her amazing curvy body in a pink floss bikini almost not there. The two would have been very practical during the day by the sea and demonstrated many displays of affection in public.

In one of the images, the unknown can be seen approaching the star, approaching the sun lounger and sitting on her side. The couple snuggled up to him, looking into each other’s eyes, while another female was lying next to them.

In a second shot, the woman was seen holding the rapper’s hand while standing next to him and staring at his phone. In the photo, she showed her derriere as the trio relaxed on the VIP loungers in a luxury beachfront hotel.

A braided blonde haired lady saw French seem to like what she saw as the smiling brunette walked away from him and headed toward a Luis Vuitton purse.

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French and Khloe Kardashian reportedly dated between 2013 and 2014. This was reported around the time of the breakup after he was caught secretly texting Malika Haqq, the best friend of Good American’s co-founder. However, the breakup, for whatever reason, did not seem to detract from their friendship.

During an episode of her then-spin-off “Hampton’s”, she talked about their doomed relationship, saying: “I got involved in something because I was lonely and destructive, but now I just want to be alone”.

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