Keo Enters the Finals for the First Time in 103 Years

The 105th Japanese National High School Baseball Championship (Samar Koshin) came to an end today with the semi-finals. Last year’s champion, Sendai Yuying High School, defeated Kamura Gakuen High School and will strive to become only the seventh school in history to successfully defend their title. Keio University overcame Tsuchiura Nihon University, marking their return to the finals after 103 years.

Keo Enters the Finals for the First Time in 103 Years

In the first game, Sendai Yuying faced off against Kamura Gakuen, gaining the upper hand by securing 4 crucial points with 3 outs remaining. They ultimately Secured victory, outscoring their opponents 6 to 2. Notably, Sendai Yuying’s catcher, Ogata Shuren, made 3 impressive aces in a single match, while Suzuki Takuto delivered an exceptional performance with 3 hits, contributing 1 point and 2 points respectively.

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In the second game, Keio relied on their ace pitcher Masaki Kotaku’s 118 pitches across 9 innings. He secured the winning RBI with a double hit in the 2nd inning. His teammate, Kosumi Omura, added an insurance score in the 6th inning, resulting in a decisive 6 to 0 victory over Tsuchiura Nichida. This victory push forward the team into the championship match once again, ending a 103-year drought since their last victory in 1920 and a 107-year gap since their first win.

Both teams will compete for the highest honor in high school summer baseball at Koshin Stadium on the 23rd.

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