Manipur Files: Gangrape of two others in Manipur!

Manipur, July 22 : A state once known for its tranquility, Manipur is now grappling with a distressing string of gender-based violence, each incident more terrifying than the last. On May 4th, a horrifying gangrape occurred where three women were stripped, paraded, and subjected to unimaginable brutality.


The entire region was left in shock and disbelief at this horrific event, which took place just 40 kilometers away from a previous attack in Kangpokpi District. Compounding the pain, two young Kuki women working at a car service showroom in the Konung Mamang area of East Imphal District were viciously assaulted and raped by a violent mob.

These victims, aged 21 and 24, bore the full force of the mob’s savagery, resulting in torn clothing and bloodied bodies. The initial shock and horror silenced witnesses, who were left paralyzed by fear and disgust.

In the midst of darkness, a glimmer of courage arose when the mother of one of the girls fearlessly approached the Saikul police station on May 16th. Her unwavering determination led to the initiation of an FIR Zero, which symbolized the first step towards seeking justice for the victims.

Later on, the Zero FIR was transferred to the Porampat police station, shedding light on the horrifying details of the attack. It brought to attention the involvement of a group consisting of 100 to 200 individuals.

Despite extensive investigations, the bodies of the young women remained elusive, and there was no trace of their personal belongings.

Adding to the sorrowful turn of events, a fellow young woman disclosed that her assaulted friends were apprehended by the authorities in an ambulance, only to tragically pass away during their medical .

Meanwhile, an FIR has been registered at the Saikul Thana concerning the recent incident of women being paraded naked, but the perpetrators are still at large.

Road blockade in Imphal

Following these shocking events, a group of women protesters took to the streets in the Ghari area of Imphal, blocking the road. As the situation escalated, the police, army, and rapid action battalion had to intervene, resorting to the use of vapor gas to control the unrest.

The demand for justice and action has grown stronger, with various organizations such as the Naga United Council, the All Naga Manipur Students Association, and the Naga People’s Front, demanding accountability for those responsible for the naked women’s procession.

Additionally, the Alliance of India is pushing for a comprehensive parliamentary debate on the situation in Manipur and calling on Prime Minister Modi to address the urgent concerns. A protest is planned in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue when the parliamentary session resumes, further increasing the pressure for change.

Freedom fighter’s wife burnt alive

A devastating incident occurred in the village of Sero, located 45 kilometers from Imphal, resulting in the tragic death of an 80-year-old woman named Ibetombi. In a horrific act of violence, his house was set on fire by the assailants.During the turmoil, Ibetombi courageously tried to warn others but unfortunately succumbed to the flames and received gunshot wounds.

Churachand Singh, a freedom fighter and Ibetombi’s husband, was once honored by former President Abdul Kalam. With the loss of such a brave woman, the already somber reality for women in Manipur becomes even more apparent, demanding immediate action and the pursuit of a more compassionate society.

As we confront these painful chapters in Manipur’s history, let us unite in challenging harmful beliefs and striving towards a society devoid of fear and violence. By joining forces and taking collective action, we can drive the change necessary for a brighter and safer future for all.

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