Tim Scott Managed To Surpass The 70,000 Individual And Secures His Place In The Third Republican Debate

Tim Scott managed to surpass the 70,000 individual donations that the Republican National Committee established as a requirement for candidates interested in participating in the third debate.

Tim Scott
Although Tim Scott has toughened his campaign speech, he is unable to get closer to Donald Trump, leader in the polls. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


Republican candidacy contender IM Scott in Miami, Florida, before next year’s presidential election, needed to guarantee his presence in next week’s third Republican presidential debate Managed to meet the donation limit.

According to information released by his campaign team, South Carolina senator surpassed 70,000 individual donations that Republican National Committee (RNC) is interested in debating at the Adrienne Arist Center for the Performing Arts located in Miami Had established as a requirement for all candidates.

In a statement, the African-American politician said he was pleased to see the results achieved after re-orienting his campaign in Iowa instead of New Hampshire, Because it allowed them to increase their donors.

“We are excited by the response our campaign received from conservatives across the country who are looking for a positive and optimistic message. Republicans today are ready to choose leaders full of faith to face the biggest challenges facing our country.

A few days ago, PAC, which supported Tim Scott, also announced that it would stop the purchase of a major television advertising campaign aimed at strengthening its image. The argument was that at the moment potential voters are only focusing on Donald Trump and it would be best to wait until the primaries get closer.

“He said, ‘We are not going to waste our money when voters are not focusing or ready to substitute for Trump.

We have done research. We have studied focus groups. We are following Tim on the way. This voter is closed and the money spent on the media is not going to change our mind until we get too close to the vote, “The mission states part of a statement issued by the PAC Trust.

In fact, data from a poll conducted last week by television network CNN showed that Scott’s popularity in South Carolina only placed him fourth, Because of his work as a senator, only 6% of those holding him would support his nomination for the Republican nomination; While Trump 67% Attracts the attention of potential voters.

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In addition to Scott, they have already managed to gain their participation in the third Republican debate: Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida; Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations; Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy; And Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor.

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