Botafogo Club History

Botafogo de Futebol and Regatas is a Brazilian sports club based in the neighborhood of Botafogo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently composed of volleyball, basketball, swimming and rowing, the club was founded in 1904 and in 1942 merged with the Club de Regatas do Botafogo to give it the current name. It is one of the four famous clubs in the city of Rio de Janeiro, mainly thanks to its glorious 1930s, 1950s and 1960s, which brought many regional titles.

Botafogo FA Club

Currently in Serie A do Brasileiro, Botafogo has continued to win important trophies in recent years such as the Carioca Championship, 21 titles, the Guanabara Cup, 7 titles, or the Rio Cup, also 7. The club Botagofo FR also burst on the national scene with two titles of the Brazilian Championship (1968 and 1995), which, in addition to the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores 1963 and mainly on the continental stage with a CONMEBOL Cup (East) . Copa Sudamericana) in 1993.

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