Gold Price Today: Thinking about making money by investing in gold? Is this the right time to buy gold?

Most of us invest in gold. Investing in gold is also considered good in terms of returns. If you are Thinking about making money by investing in gold, then this is the right time to invest. Therefore, when the price of gold drops, investors buy gold in large quantities. Currently, the price of gold is down.

Making Money By Investing In Gold

The price of gold continues to decrease and according to experts in this field, it could be a good shopping time for those who are thinking of making a profit by investing in gold. However, the price of 24-carat gold has drastically decreased since last week.

Throughout the week, the price of gold on Monday closed at Rs 59,327 per tola, which is 10 grams, and on Friday, the gold price was Rs 58,905. This means that this figure shows that the price of gold has fallen by Rs 422 per ten grams.

Gold is Rs 2,741 cheaper per ten grams.

Considering the gold market price, gold has fallen from the record level until now, becoming cheaper by Rs 2,741 per tola, which is the price of ten grams. The highest price of gold was on May 4, 2023. Back then, the price of gold was Rs 61,656 per ten grams. The price of silver also dropped to Rs 6,366 from the record price level. That is, on May 4, 2023, the price of silver was Rs 76,464 per kilogram. But then silver became cheaper.

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Is this the right time to buy gold – silver?

Gold and silver reached an all-time high compared to the month of May. However, after this, there has been a sharp decline in the prices of gold and silver due to signs of weakness and reduced demand in the international market. Therefore, according to experts, now is the time to make money by investing in gold and silver. If you’re trying to earn money by investing in gold and silver, then this might be the right time to buy silver along with gold.

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