Lee Jung-jae donates 50 million won to movie seniors… “It hurts encounter poverty.”

Actor Lee Jung-jae was chosen as the winner of the” beautiful artist award ” given by the Shin Young-kyun Arts and Culture Foundation and decided to donate 50 million won, including the cash prize, to an organization that brings together senior filmmakers.

Lee Jung-jae donates 50 million

According to the 30th Foundation, Lee Jung-jae plans to visit the Shin Young-kyun Arts and Culture Foundation on the 4th day of next month to donate to the Korean Film Artists Association.

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Lee Jeong-jae said, ” Whenever I hear rumors that seniors who have devoted their youth to movies are leading difficult lives because of poverty and disease, I am sorry because I am one of the juniors wearing the seniors Halo and my heart breaks when I often hear about lonely deaths. “It hurt,” he said, revealing his motivation for making the donation.

Harim, the food company that used Lee Jeong-jae as an advertising model, also decided to sponsor food worth about 30 million won, including instant rice, and Ceragem also decided to sponsor medical devices.

Earlier last month, the Shin Young-kyun Arts and Culture Foundation selected actors Lee Soon-jae, Jo In-seong, Kim Seo-hyung and film director Im Kwon-taek, in addition to Lee Jung-jae, as winners of the 13th prize. Prize for beautiful artists and awarded them a prize of 20 million won and a badge each.

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