Neymar’s Private Life Leaked ‘Child Father’… Request For Nude Photos

Some private conversations of Neymar (31, Al Hilal) have been leaked. Later it was revealed that he asked an influential woman for a nude photo, but she was rejected by him.

Neymar's Private Life Leaked

Spanish daily Marca reported on January 30 : “Neymar’s private life outside the world of football has been neither peaceful nor quiet. Recently, Neymar’s conversation with an influential model was leaked, which became a hot topic. “Neymar made an unusual request to an influential woman,” the report said.

Media reported: “in early October Neymar gave birth to a second child. However, she became embroiled in a new online sex scandal when she asked an influencer linked to a paid adult website in Brazil to take nude photos of her.

“Neymar spoke to Onlyfans model Aline Faria and asked for a photo. She said Faria had to set up a paid account to be able to view nude photos. “It caused a stir after a screenshot of their conversation was leaked,” she explained.

Neymar asked Faria: “do you have any nude photos? “If you come to Sao Paulo, let’s meet,” she said. She said Faria replied, “I have a lot of nude photos” and asked her to show them. In response to Neymar’s reply, Faria said :” If you want to see it, subscribe to my (paid) account.” “Please leave a review,” she said, leaving a link and an emoji.

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Neymar replied: “I went to my account, but there is nothing there.” Faria said ,” If you want to see nude photos, you have to subscribe. I have to go to bed first. “If you haven’t received it, I’ll let you know later,” she said, ending the conversation.

Neymar is known for his love of parties and spending time with friends. Last season, he was criticized for not taking care of himself due to problems with playing poker and eating hamburgers.

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