Godzilla Minus One By Takashi Yamazaki Releasing United States 1st December 2023

Exciting news for Godzilla fans! Yamazaki Takashi’s much-awaited film Godzilla Minus One will premiere in US theaters on December 1. Get ready for an exciting cinematic experience as the legendary monsters will once again come to the center.

Get ready to see the epic battles and amazing special effects for which Yamazaki is known. Mark your calendar and get ready for an unforgettable encounter with the King of Monsters!

Godzilla Minus One

TOHO recently revealed the official title and release details for the upcoming pair of Takashi Yamazaki in the Godzilla franchise. “The film, titled “Godzilla Minus One”, will premiere in US theaters on December 1.

In addition to this exciting announcement, the company also provided fans with a panoramic trailer and stunning visual artwork.

Based in Japan after World War II, the film immerses viewers in panoramic scenes.

The new film will premiere in Japan on “Godzilla Day”, November 3, 2023, which will coincide with the anniversary of the nationwide release of the original Godzilla film on November 3, 1954.

Yamasaki serves as director and writer, and provides visual effects for the upcoming project. Yamasaki is primarily known for directing live-action films such as “Forever: Sunset on Third Street,” “The Returned” and “Parasite”, but has “Stand by Me” As such CG films have also been directed.

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The latest Japanese live-action film in TOHO’s long-running series is Hideki Eno’s Shin Godzilla, Which was released in July 2016 and grossed 8.2 billion yen ( US) and $ 75.6 million in Japan.

The film marks the franchise’s return after a 12-year hiatus following the 2004 Godzilla: Final Wars. Funimation released Shin Godzilla in North American theaters in October 2016.

The Godzilla Singularity Animated Series premiered in Japan in March 2021, with each episode premiered on Netflix Japan before airing on television. The anime was later released globally on Netflix in June 2021.

Netflix previously premiered the Godzilla animated film trilogy from November 2017 to November 2018.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is produced by Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment and will be released in the United States in March 2021, followed by a July 2021 release in Japan.

The sequel to the film, titled “Godzilla x Cong: The New Empire”, March 15, 2024 is scheduled to be released and can be screened at IMAX theaters on its premiere day. Additionally, Legendary Entertainment is developing a new series for the Apple TV+ streaming service franchise.

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