Organizers Urge Attendees to Stay Calm at Burning Man Festival

Authorities in Nevada are investigating a death at the Burning Man Festival site, where thousands were stranded after flooding from storms in the Nevada desert in the United States.

Organizers on Saturday night shut down access for vehicles to the counter culture festival in the western U.S. state. The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office said one person had died in the flooding, but the cause of death was not immediately released.

Burning Man Festival

Attendees trudged through mud, some with bare feet or plastic bags wrapped around their legs.

Resellers were urged to shelter in place and were advised to conserve food, water, and other supplies.

The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office said the death occurred in Black Rock City during the event, but offered few details, and local TV channel KSNV reported the cause of death or the identity of the deceased person was not immediately clear.

On the Burning Man website, organizers encouraged participants to stay calm and suggested that the festival was designed to withstand conditions like flooding. They said mobile phone trailers were being set up in several locations on Saturday night and that internet would be available throughout the night.

About 5 miles (8 kilometers) from Black Rock City, a city called Gerlach was also organizing shuttle buses for those participating in the event.

“Burning Man is a community of people who are ready to support each other,” organizers said in a statement. “We have come knowing that it’s a place where we bring everything we need to survive.”

Clear skies had been anticipated to go back Monday, and Burning guy organizers stated they “assume to begin Exodus on Monday morning 9/4 so long as the situations improve.”

A few people have left the site via trudging out strolling through the thick mud, however “maximum of the RVs are stuck in area,” Pershing County Sheriff’s workplace Sgt. Nathan Carmichael advised Sunday morning.

“every step felt like we have been walking with huge cinder blocks on our feet,” said Amar Singh Duggal, who managed to depart the pageant along with his buddies after trekking about 2 miles inside the mud.

Celebrity DJ Diplo posted a video on Instagram on Saturday evening showing him and comedian Chris Rock riding in the back of a pickup truck with a fan. They said they had walked about 6 miles through the mud with their thumbs out.

Amidst the colourful ambiance of the Burning guy event, volunteer Josh lease enthusiastically noted that the genuine spirit of the gathering shines via as attendees generously percentage no longer most effective warm clothing however additionally their smartphone chargers. On this dynamic atmosphere, music reverberates, creating an immersive revel in for all.

“I walked with my thumb for hours,” wrote Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz.

Near an inch of precipitation flooded the region starting on Friday, prompting occasion organizers to shut get entry to to the pageant until cars may want to accurately pass and to warn campers to preserve meals and water.

No matter reviews of caught automobiles, overflowing port-a-potties, postponed bus pickups and spotty wi-fi service, several attendees who say the moist weather hasn’t dampened moods.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, vehicle gates will not reopen for the remainder of the event, which began on Aug. 27 and was set to end Monday, overseeing the Black Rock Desert where the festival is taking place.

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Officials said late Saturday that the gate to the event was closed and it was not immediately clear when attendees could leave. But if the weather improves, they were hopeful vehicles could begin leaving by late Monday night.

The announcements came moments before the annual Man Burn, which was set to be set ablaze Saturday night just before the conclusion of the yearly event.

Conclusion :

The flooding at the Burning Man festival is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the desert. Organizers have said they are confident that the festival will be able to recover from the flooding, but it is unclear when attendees will be able to leave.

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