Exciting Lineup And Changes Unveiled For Dancing With The Stars Season 32

On Wednesday morning, ABC announced the cast of Good Morning America Program Dance with the stars Season 32. The previously announced cast includes Mila Sovino, Ariane Madix, Charetti Lawson and Jamie Lynn Spears, and Marvel actress Sochitel Gomez, The romance of dad and dad Starring Alison·Hannigan and NFL star Adrian Peterson.


Executive producer Conrad Green said: “Everyone in this cast can find something that suits them. ” “ For many of our competitors this year, it is interesting that they are truly excited and enthusiastic about this. There is real enthusiasm for this. In the past few years, we have experienced many difficulties in this or that way, because “so I hope we can bring the dance back to people and let the audience have a sunny start this week.”

Of course, there is a continuing double strike problem, which has led WGA members and SAG-AFTRA performers to strike all summer. As a reality show, danced with the stars signed a separate contract with the affected works, and the actors are currently unable to participate.

“ Everyone is welcome to participate in this show, ” Green said. “ We are one of the few things that people can legally do and have been approved by the union. At present, this is a very difficult period for the entire industry. Many people are struggling, but it is a pleasure to join this situation that can continue to work and perform. ”

There is no shortage of changes in dance this year. After Tyra Banks withdraws, Alfonso Ribeiro will return as the host and take over the main stage, while former dance professional Julian Hof will join Sky Box to succeed Ribeiro’s former co-host position.

“Julian is definitely our first choice,” Green said. “The appearance of Alfonso last season really proved the understanding brought about by participating in the show and becoming a member of the show family, and established a good connection with the audience, you can really feel what celebrities and dancers are doing. It is really interesting to ask questions in Sky Box to people who have experienced both sides as dancers and have seen everything. He stood on the opposite side of these issues. She understood what to teach. She brought it so insightful. ”

In addition, both Ribeiro and Hough have brought their movements to the ballroom, which means that we may also see the host participate in some group matches. “It allows us to choose to use them to do some small performances, or to include them in the opening numbers and other things,” Green said. “They all have the ability to dance. So doing this with the host on the show is really a refreshing experience. ”

Although Green remained basically silent on some topics this year, he did reveal that he was making a possible music video night. “We want to challenge people to carry out daily activities based on classic music videos, ” he said. “Maybe some choreography or style is involved. A bit nostalgic, but this is also a dance challenge. ”

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Following the last season’s full broadcast of + on Disney( and now ) at the same time, the play returned to its original home and was broadcast live on ABC. “You never want to let your audience fall behind,” Green said of returning to Internet TV. “ It’s great to be able to return to ABC. This is the best in the world. Now we have Disney+, we have Hulu, we have ABC. We are covering all foundations. ”

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