After 51 Years Of Martial Law In The Philippines, Thousands Of People Took To The Streets

51 years ago today, former Philippines President Marcos imposed martial law to deal with competitors. Countless people in the Philippines were tortured and even disappeared from the world. Now, it is the turn of Marcos’ son, Marcos Jr., to rule, and Filipinos still live under the shadow of martial law.

51 Years Of Martial Law In The Philippines

More than a thousand people took to the streets in the Philippines’ capital Manila today to protest against martial law and demand the government release those arrested without reason.

More than a thousand Filipinos marched towards the Presidential Palace carrying various anti-martial law posters or slogans, and some carrying photographs of their relatives who had disappeared without reason. They have only one appeal: oppose martial law.

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Protesters: “Fifty-one years ago, Marcos Sr. declared martial law, and now his son Marcos Jr. continues to impose martial law. They want to continue this period in the name of anti-terrorism operations, national security policies and other These are the laws. The dark history of martial law.”

In 1972, Marcos Sr., father of current President Marcos Jr., declared martial law. Marcos Sr. used state security forces to target political opponents, critics, and dissidents. Amnesty International estimates that thousands of people were killed and thousands more were tortured or imprisoned in crackdowns in the name of martial law.

Former President Duterte declared a war on drugs with strict laws and established a national special force to end the conflict between armed communists. Because of this many people were tortured. Now in the era of Marcos Jr., the style of government remains unchanged.

Human rights groups said eight people involved in social movements have disappeared since Xiaomas took power in 2022 and more than 400 people have died due to drugs during the same period. It can be said that there are no human rights in Philippine society.

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