5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Keywords

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1. When many clients come to me for the first time, they have only one goal in mind – that is, I hope the company will rank first when visitors search for my company name.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not saying it’s not important. Rather, if someone meets you at a party or on the street and remembers your company’s name and wants to find your company’s website on Google or Yahoo, you should definitely make sure that your company’s. The website should rank in the top 5.

However, company names are easy to customize, and only people who know your company name verbally can drive traffic to your website.

The real power of search engines is to bring people to your website who have never heard of your company.

Therefore, having your website rank first in company name searches is an important foundation, but it is only secondary to the goal of achieving good rankings on the Internet.

Author: Unless you’re like Sony, A&F is so famous, you have to assume that most people who use Google have never heard of your company.

2. Many webmasters often want to be on top for some difficult terms or conditions that are only used by vendors.

For example, I have a client who is very happy that his website ranks in the top 10 Google searches for keywords like “specimen trees and shrubs.”

Because this term is a common term for suppliers in their area (meaning: imported wholesale trees and shrubs)

However, less than 10 people in the world use this term to search every month.

In fact, this client should use keyword phrases like “plant wholesale” to perform optimization activities to attract more search visitors.

In short, this client’s “perfect” search result ranking was of no use to him because it didn’t help increase website traffic.

Author: “I think the above decisions should be made on a business basis. If your business model is (B2B), no doubt everyone can be an “expert”, and the terminology used can be really good.”

3. Many webmasters want to rank high for only a single keyword (as opposed to multiple mixed keywords).

The following survey results will surprise you (quoting survey results from Onestat.con website).

That is, 33% of searches on search engines use two mixed keywords, 26% use three mixed keywords, and 21% use four.

Only 20% of people actually search using a keyword.

But why would you be surprised? Don’t you find yourself in the same way? Even sometimes; Search using the same keyword

But the results are often not precise enough (so I try to add other terms to make the results more ideal).

This is why keyword analysis should actually look at. How people search, not just rely on your subjective guesses.

Author: “Compound keywords are multiple words buried together and searched together. For example, some people will search for “car” (which is a single word), but the results are usually not as good as expected. Conversely, if you search for “second-hand car” or “motorcycle” (that’s 3 mixed keywords) the results may be better!”

Nowadays, in addition to compound words, we often use questions to ask Google, such as “What does the death of Harry Potter’s father and mother mean?” Google may already understand the content of the query, and your content should be more detailed and timely. Be professional and provide the best answers to searchers.

You can also find useful keywords for you through related searches on Google

4. When selecting keywords, many people copy their competitors, or directly use their keywords for optimization activities, instead of carefully observing what terms people use to search, and this Ignoring how many competitors they already have using these keyword phrases.

A good SEO activity is nothing more than finding favorable keywords, i.e. keywords that are familiar to searchers and less used by your competitors. When choosing keywords, you can examine based on market needs, your strengths, and competitive weaknesses. For details, please see, How to choose keywords.

Author: “I’ve seen people use their competitors’ names for SEO purposes. If your competitor is Apple, and you sell phones, your website may appear when people search for Apple. Of course, most people search for Apple. It’s not because I’m trying to find you, but since there are enough people out there, it’s no surprise that some people visit your website, but the conversion rate may be very low.”

This situation is somewhat similar to Zara. Zara’s store selection strategy is to open in well-known stores and differentiate them. Its boss once said that famous stores will bring customers with the highest spending power here.

5. Some webmasters overuse certain keywords (also known as keyword stuffing) and use too few relevant phrases.

Normally, users would find websites like this popular when they visit them, but Google’s spam filter will spot these unnatural designs and penalize them severely!

Therefore, it would be better if you find some words or synonyms related to your main keyword to use. And this search process (usually requiring the help of a dictionary) is what information specialists call: ontological analysis.

To avoid these and other common mistakes, follow some guidelines;

Think like your customer and use their language (not yours :).
Put your preconceived notions aside and stop to think about which keywords you want to rank highly for.
Get rid of subjectivity and focus on the facts.
Consider popularity, competition, and ontology.

In short, to do a good job in SEO website optimization, you really have to do scientific research on the keywords used by customers and competitors, and balance them with your competitors’ actions accordingly.

Author: “I have seen it before, that is, some websites constantly use keywords to fill the content. Basically, ordinary people can’t understand it, but they want to trick the search engine. Remember, your website is ultimately for people to see. If you do keyword stuffing, even if your rankings are good, your website will eventually become invisible and leave you. Over time, Google will feel that your website has no value and will be demoted Ranking.”

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