Twitter Users Report Issue With Website as Musk Sets Temporary Viewing Limits

Thousands of Twitter users report issue with accessing the website on Saturday.

The difficulty seems to affect users on both the social networking app and the website.


Many people who tried to view, search, refresh and publish content on the platform were faced with false messages stating “fee limit exceeded” or “tweet cannot be retrieved”.

“Please wait a moment, then try again”, study the prompts.

Incident becomes intermittent; many people at one point were able to post information about their inability to access the site., More than 7,400 people said they had trouble accessing Twitter around 11am. ET, according to the Downdetector website. That number dropped to about 2,000 reviews by early evening.

Twitter Users Report Issue With Website is not working

Twitter CEO Elon Musk addressed the issue on Saturday.He said viewing limits could be temporarily placed on tweets in response to
“excessive index scraping” and “machine manipulation”. , As of Saturday night, “checked” accounts are limited to reading 10,000 posts for the day, and unverified accounts are limited to at least 1,000 tweets during the day, Musk said. The limit on new unverified accounts is due at 500 per day. Those numbers were up from the lower numbers recorded by Musk earlier in the day.

The regulations are consistent with Twitter’s assertion that it may require customers to register or log into an existing account on the site to view tweets.He called the stream a “brief emergency measure,” adding that hundreds of agencies have collected “extremely positive” Twitter statistics, which he says are affecting the experience. user experience.

However, the current series of roadblocks has led many users to fall into the trap of tricking customers into paying more for access to a superior Twitter experience with a “verified” account, which costs $8. every month .

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This is the current major outage as Musk took over the social media site late last year.

The previous outage coincided with reports of mass layoffs on Twitter, which Musk said was financially necessary for the organization. Since SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO bought the company in October, the site’s ad revenue has plummeted.

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