The Biggies Burger Story: An IT-Based Burger Company

Biggies Burger Story: In our country India, you will find many types of dishes to eat because the food industry in India is very big and many food companies make crores of rupees revenue every month in India. Today, we bring a story from the Indian food industry where a person built a company worth 100 crores by saving just ₹2000.

Biggies Burger

Here we are talking about biggies burger startup which was started in the year 2016 by a person working in IT sector and today this biggies burger startup has become a 100 crore brand. In today’s article, you will read about The Biggies Burger Story, how today this brand has become a 100 crore company.

This is how the story of Biggies Burger began

In the year 2016, Biraja Rout, a resident of India, started Biggie’s Burger so that Indians can enjoy many types of grilled burger tests. Biggie’s Burger is a QSR quick service restaurant chain that offers a variety of burgers to its customers on its menu.
In an interview with Livemint, Biraja Rout said that he ate a hamburger for the first time in his life at the age of 21 and felt the flavor of the hamburger. As soon as she tried the burger for the first time in her life, she fell in love with burgers and, at the same time, started researching about burgers.

Biraja Rout did all the research

Biraja, the founder of Biggies Burger, further said in the interview that when he started researching burgers, he could not find any restaurant that was an Indian brand and offered many types of burgers to its customers, which inspired him to found Biggies Burger because in that Back then people had to go to American brands for different burgers.

At that time, Biraja Rout was working in an IT company and before that, he had no experience in doing any business. But he still believed in himself and decided to open a chain of QSR restaurants called Biggies Burger.

He started with that much of money.

Biraja further told in his interview that at that time he had just ₹20,000 to start this business and with just that money, he took the risk and opened his small stall called Biggies Burger in a small place. Shortly after opening the stall, he also left his job and began dedicating his full time to his business.

Slowly, Biraja’s Biggies Burger brand became very popular in that area, thousands of customers started looking for it every day. Along with this, let’s also say that Biraja didn’t have any knowledge of making burgers etc., he took his knowledge from YouTube and started selling burgers.

Furthermore, Biraja also used to save two thousand rupees from his earnings every month so that he could take this business to a great level.

I made a company worth crores with just ₹2000.

In the beginning, Biraja, who used to save his ₹2000 every month, today his biggies burger business has become a multi-crore business. Later, he also started franchising his brand and due to this, today he has over 130 outlets across India. Additionally, you can try Biggies Burger burgers in over 24 cities across India.

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According to the Biggies Burger report, in current times, more than 70 million of its burgers are sold every day due to which the revenue of Biggies Burger will reach 100 crores this year. If we talk about India’s biggest burger chain QSR, then they are also big burgers today.

Biraja Rout believed in himself and took risks, which is why Biraja reached this stage today. We hope that with the help of this article you have information about Biggies Burger Story. Share with your friends so they can also know about The Biggies Burger Story.


What is Biggies Burger?

Biggies Burger is a popular Indian fast-food chain that specializes in grilled burgers. The chain was founded in 2011 by Biraja Prasad Rout, an IT professional turned entrepreneur

What makes Biggies Burger unique?

Biggies Burger is known for its commitment to quality ingredients, signature recipes, and affordable prices. The chain offers authentic grilled burgers that resonate with the Indian palate while maintaining international taste and quality.

How many locations does Biggies Burger have?

As of October 2023, Biggies Burger has over 130 stores across 24 cities in India.

What are some popular items on the Biggies Burger menu?

Some of the most popular items on the Biggies Burger menu include:
• Grilled burgers
• Grilled chicken wings
• Doner wraps
• Crinkle fries
• Sides and platters
• Cookie shakes and mojitos
• Bigg 6 meal box
• Desserts

Does Biggies Burger offer franchise opportunities?

Yes, Biggies Burger offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who are interested in joining the fastest-growing grilled burger chain in India.

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