Persebaya Surabaya’s Quest for Renewal: Targeting European Coach After Aji Santoso’s Departure

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Persebaya Surabaya Targets European Coach Amidst Aji Santoso’s Departure.

Persebaya Surabaya, a prominent football club in Indonesia, has been in the news lately for seeking a new head coach. The decision comes in the wake of Aji Santoso’s departure, following a string of disappointing results at the start of the 2023 season. As a temporary measure, Uston Nawawi has been appointed as the caretaker coach, but Persebaya is keen on bringing in a European coach to lead the team into the future.

Embracing Change: The Quest for a Dynamic European Coach

The team’s recent performance has been far from ideal, as they managed to secure just one victory out of the six matches played in the 2023 League 1 season. The critical 2-1 defeat against Persikabo at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium in Surabaya proved to be the final straw for Aji Santoso, leading to his resting.

Aji Santoso’s Departure and its Impact on Persebaya Surabaya

Netizens and fans of Persebaya Surabaya have been actively discussing the potential European coach who could take over from Aji Santoso. One Twitter user, @pasukan.ngapak, hinted that the club’s management is actively searching for a trainer from Europe. While no specific names have been disclosed, several European coaches are already associated with other teams in the 2023 League 1.

Thomas Doll at Persija Jakarta and Eduardo Almeida are among the European coaches who have had a significant impact on the league, and Persebaya Surabaya is hoping to find a similar caliber coach to lead them to success.

Aji Santoso’s tenure has been challenging since the start of the 2023 League 1 event. Throughout the six weeks, Persebaya Surabaya secured only one win under his guidance. The team’s sole victory came against Persis Solo in the initial match of League 1 2023. However, the following three matches resulted in one draw and two defeats, leading to mounting pressure on Aji Santoso.

The management set a target of seven points from the three matches, but the team couldn’t achieve the desired results. Consequently, Bajul Ijo’s management made the tough decision to rest Aji Santoso and explore other coaching options.

The role of head coach will now be temporarily filled by Uston Nawawi. As the club searches for a permanent solution, fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the new head coach ahead of the upcoming 2023 Liga 1.

Green Nord, one of the passionate supporter groups known as Bonek, has also shared their insights on what they expect from the new coach. According to Husein Ghozali, a coordinator for Green Nord, the priority is to find a coach who deeply understands Persebaya’s playing style and character. Playing in Persebaya’s signature way, with quick, short-passing meetings, is crucial for success in the league.

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Bonek emphasizes the need to avoid relying solely on long passes, as it hampers the team’s ability to achieve the best results. They fear that continued reliance on this strategy may even result in relegation. Hence, the new coach’s approach should be aligned with the club’s traditions and values to maintain the spirit of Persebaya Surabaya.

Aji Santoso becomes the fourth coach to be dismissed from a League 1 team in the ongoing season. Luis Milla (Persib), I Putu Gede (Arema FC), and Aidil Sarin (Persikabo) are the three other coaches who left their positions earlier in the campaign.

As Persebaya Surabaya embarks on a quest to find their new head coach, the club and its fans are hopeful that the incoming European coach will bring a fresh perspective and renewed success to the team. Only time will tell who will lead the Green Force to glory in the 2023 Liga 1 season.


Who was Aji Santoso?

Aji Santoso was the former head coach of Persebaya Surabaya, who stepped down after a series of disappointing results in the 2023 Liga 1.

Why is Persebaya Surabaya looking for a European coach?

The team aims to bring in a European coach to infuse fresh perspectives and strategies that can lead the team to success.

How has Persebaya Surabaya performed in the 2023 Liga 1?

Persebaya Surabaya has had a mixed performance so far in the 2023 Liga 1, with one victory and two defeats in their last three matches.

Who is the caretaker coach for Persebaya Surabaya?

Uston Nawawi is currently serving as the caretaker coach for Persebaya Surabaya during the transition period.

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