Nita Ambani Diamond Necklace: Neeta Ambani wore a 500 Crore necklace at son’s wedding

Nita Ambani Diamond Necklace: The news of the pre-wedding cermany of Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani, continues quickly on the Internet. The whole Gujarat is visible in an atmosphere of happiness and right now the whole country is celebrating Anant Ambani’s wedding. Famous actors also attend this Bollywood to Hollywood wedding.

Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani recently organised a three-day pre-wedding festival in Jamnagar for their youngest son Anant Ambani and his fiancee Radhika Marchant.

The event was an extraordinary event, in which many leaders from all over the world entered, the billionaire millionaire famous Bollywood artist. If the news is to be believed, Ambani almost spent 1259 Crore rupees for this wedding. But in this marriage there is a lot of talk about a sore collar by Nita Ambani.

Hearing the price of this necklace won’t take a break from your throat. If you also want to know this news in detail, at the end of this article, let’s start without delay.

Nita Ambani Diamond Necklace

However, her choice to make headlines was jewelry. At this function, Nita Ambani was wearing a sore collar, which is discussed everywhere. This necklace caught everyone’s attention, whoever saw this necklace kept looking at a fold. The city consisted of intricate micro-pages attached to two large pendants that matched with trick bracelets and a matching statement ring.

Neeta’s hare and the size and value of the hero indicated a carat of great value. The price of this special necklace by Nita Ambani is almost shocking. Let me tell you that the price of this defeat is being told by the mother of the news, between 400 to 500 Crore.

Yes, you heard absolutely right, this everyone is worth Crores Whoever reads this news has been amazed, how can everyone use in such an expensive way.

People are puzzled

As soon as the price of all of Nita Ambani started going viral on social media, only after Nita Ambani’s reactions to disturbing people started coming out, many people have liked to hear this.

The price of this necklace is simpler. This has become a topic of discussion among online slideshow users, making it one of the most talked about aspects of bridal expressions festivities.

At the moment, Nita Ambani’s eicher is being discussed a lot on social media, giving public reactions about it.

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