Ajay Devgn Shaitaan Movie Review : Let’s know more about Ajay Devgn movie Shaitaan

Ajay Devgn Shaitaan Movie Review: Black magic, captivating… Many questions arise in the mind as soon as they hear these names. Should we really believe these things even today? Many people are asking these questions.

The same episode has seen theaters in the film “ Shaitaan ”, which is based on black magic. The life of a happy family gets upset just because of black magic. For those who are not sure about these things, this film may sound more of a comedy than a thriller, but if you look at it as a film, many things are going on, So let’s know Ajay Devgn Shaitaan Movie Review

What is the story of Shaitaan?

what is shaitaan ?

The story of the film revolves around Kabir’s family. Kabir, Jyoti and their two children go to the farmhouse for a holiday. On the way, he meets a man named Vanraj. This is the turning point of the story – Vanraj somehow implicates Kabir in his trap, which affects Kabir’s daughter Janhvi. Now Janhvi’s behavior starts to be the same as Vanraj.

Shaitaan Movie Star Cast Performance

Even though the hero of the film is Ajay Devgan, after watching the movie, only R. Madhavan acting remembers. Villain’s character in the film seems to dominate the hero, Madhavan’s anger and strong style is the life of the film.

Their dialogue “Ahn Brahmasmi ” Applause and seats resonate in theaters as soon as they hear.

Madhavan has completely broken his chocolate boy image in this film. At the same time Ajay Devgan, Jyotika, Janaki Bodywala (Jhanvi) and Angad Rahjan (Dhurav) have also played their characters well, but the audience remembers only the powerful acting of Madhavan.

Shaitaan Movie’s tremendous climax

The film’s class will keep you glued to the seat. The location at which this last scene is filmed is amazing in itself, and the actors acting on it has set it on the moon.

Ajay Devgn Shaitaan Movie Review – How the audience felt Ajay Devgan’s ‘Shaitaan ’

Shaitaan is a slightly slow film. The first part leaves Kabir’s family in Settling. After Rahul Madhavan’s entry comes at a slight pace, the monologue at the end of film Ajay Devgan seems a bit dragging. If you have planned to watch the film just by watching the trailer then there may be some disappointment.

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