Breaking News – Yongsan Police Station intelligence chief found dead

An govt at the Yongsan police headquarters, World Health Organization is suspected of an deleting associate degree info report relating to the protection of Itaewon throughout halloween, was found dead.

According to the police on the 11th, the pinnacle of the Yongsan Police Station’s intelligence division, Jeong Mo, was found dead at 12:45 p.m. that day at his home and reported to the police.

Yongsan Police Station

The police believe that there’s a possibility that Inspector Jeong created associate degree extreme choice, considering the circumstances at the time of discovery, and area unit confirming the particular circumstances.

The day before, Inspector Carl Jung was reported to have sent a message to a number of his colleagues suggesting extreme decisions.

Chief Jeong deleted the documents from the workplace computer of the intelligence agent who taught alternative staff to put in writing the data report, and within the process, he was involved during a special investigation on charges of persuading and coercing the workers (obstructing the exercise of the proper to abuse of power, destroying proof, negligence within the workplace). He was taken into custody and under investigation.

Inspector Jeong was in remission and investigated by the Police Special Investigation Headquarters (special edition) on suspicion of deleting documents from the work pc of the intelligence officer who wrote the information report and persuading and persuading the information department employees within the process.

The special report charged Inspector Jeong and his superior, former head of the intelligence department (supervisor) Kim, on charges of obstructing the exercise of the proper to abuse of power, destroying proof, and negligent homicide at work.

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