Google Will Pay More Than 5 Billion Dollars In Compensation!

It was revealed that Google agreed to pay more than 5 billion dollars in compensation for keeping records of searches made through “anonymous” mode.

Google Will Pay 5 Billion Dollars In Compensation
Google will pay more than $ 5 billion in compensation

It has been reported that US-based online data collection company Google has agreed to pay more than $ 5 billion in compensation and delete private search data on the grounds that it keeps records of searches made through “anonymous” mode.

According to documents in the Northern District Court of California, Google reached an agreement with three law firms representing 50 plaintiffs whose information was used without permission even though they used the anonymous option in online browsing.

According to the agreement, Google agreed to pay more than $5 billion in damages for keeping records of unauthorized data.

Google will delete data on the browsing history of millions of users.

“This agreement is a historic step that requires dominant technology companies to be honest in their representations to users about how they collect and use user data and how they delete and correct collected data.”

“This agreement ensures true accountability and transparency of the world’s largest data collector and marks an important step towards improving and protecting our right to privacy on the internet,” the document said. statements were included.

In the lawsuit filed about 4 years ago, Google was accused of misleading users about how it tracks the activity of everyone using the anonymous browsing option.

The US Department of Justice filed two separate “antitrust” lawsuits against Google, one in 2020 and the other in 2023, alleging that it implemented a monopolization policy.

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