Earthquake In Bay Area On The Northern California 4.1-Magnitude ShakeAlert

An earthquake in Bay Area measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale occurred on Wednesday morning in Sacramento County, according to a preliminary data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Earthquake Strikes Bay Area

The quake, which occurred at 9:29 a.m., focused near Isleton, according to the service’s website.

“I felt like an 18-wheeler running in the”  building, said Devery Stockon, director of the Owl Harbor Marina in Isleton, on Wednesday morning.

Stockton said the earthquake shook the marina office for about a minute, but did not appear to have less than a mile south of the epicenter of the earthquake, which was on the island of Brannan on the caused permanent damage, which is built on piles near an entrance to the San Joaquin River. The area is labyrinth of floating roads through Dekrata, according to USGS.

Californians said they felt light vibrations as far south as Stockton and as far north as Sacramento, according to the USGS map.

Cindy Gollihar, an employee at the extensive resort of Vieira between Isleton and Rio Vista, said she was “on the telephone with one of the clients, so it was a gigantic shock and I freak out”.

Gollihar said some objects fell from shelves and walls, but there was no significant damage to the building. He said he received a restraining notice “possibly 3 minutes after the” incident.

Initial notifications showed that a higher-size earthquake had struck, but rapid USGS revisions downgraded the earthquake to 4.1.

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Until late Wednesday morning, the USGS community map “Did You Feel It” received nearly 3,000 reports that the quake had been widely felt throughout the Sacramento region and the Gulf region, except for the Isleton area, where it was moderate to strong.

Some Bay Area BART trains stopped for a while as a result of the earthquake, but were quickly resumed.

The quake could be felt in parts of the Bay Area, including San Ramon and the center of Brentwood.

Earthquake warnings have been on smartphones across San Francisco, but most direct reports have shown that the earthquake has been mildly felt in places like Panlehand.

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