Saudi Delegation Representing Digital Economy, Space and Innovation Sectors

The meeting forms part of the Kingdom’s efforts to create new opportunities to boost the digital economy, the space industry and digital entrepreneurship.

Japan Saudi Arabia relations

A Saudi delegation representing the digital economy, the space and the country’s innovation sectors, led by Abdullah Al-Swaha, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, held meetings with ministers of other countries and UN officials in an effort to create new opportunities for the development of the digital economy, the space industry and digital entrepreneurship.

During a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, Junji Suzuki, and the Minister of Digital Transformation of the country, Taro Kono, Al-Swaha discussed ways to promote the growth of the digital economy, develop digital capabilities, encourage technical investments, and  develop digital government.

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He also talked with the United Kingdom’s minister of data and digital infrastructure, John Whittingdale, about ways in which the relationship between the two countries could be strengthened in areas such as digital economy growth, innovation and research and development.

In separate meetings, Al-Swaha conversed with the secretary-general of the Union of International Telecommunications, Doreen Bogdan, and the UN’s under-secretary-general of the UNU for socioeconomic issues, Li Junhua, on the expansion of partnerships and existing initiatives to support the growth of the digital economy in the region.

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