Apple iPhone 13 Diwali Offer 2023- Unveiling Exciting Discounts and Trade-in Options

Apple iPhone 13 Diwali Offer: Grab Your Discounted iPhone for a Festive Season Upgrade!

Overview : Apple iPhone 13 Diwali Offer

In a delightful announcement for iPhone enthusiasts in India, Apple, the renowned US-based tech giant, has rolled out substantial offers and discounts for this year’s Diwali celebration. As part of the festive sale, the iPhone 13 available at flat Rs 9,402 discount offer iPhone 13 series is now available at an enticing discount on Amazon online store.

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Exclusive Deal on iPhone 13 Base Model

As the iPhone 13 series, unveiled in September, takes center stage, the base model with a generous 128GB of internal storage steals the spotlight with a significant price slash. This exclusive Diwali offer brings the base model’s price down to approximately Rs 56,000 on the Apple India store.

Additional Savings through Trade-in

For those looking to maximize their savings, Apple provides an additional option to trade in older iPhones. This limited-time offer not only sweetens the deal but also allows users to contribute their old devices for an eco-friendly upgrade.

Detailed Pricing and Trade-in Options

Breaking down the pricing, the original cost of the iPhone 13 with 128GB storage is Rs 50,000. The higher storage variants, featuring 256GB and 512GB, come with original prices of Rs 60,999 and Rs 89,999, respectively. Furthermore, loyal iPhone users can enjoy extra discounts by trading in their existing devices.

Maximizing Savings with Trade-in

The Apple online store is offering impressive trade-in values, reaching up to Rs 46,120 for older iPhones. The exact trade-in value depends on the model and condition of the old iPhone. Interested buyers can conveniently check the status on the webpage by entering their existing iPhone’s serial number.

Trade-in Values for Specific Models

  • iPhone 12 owners can avail a discount of approximately Rs 31,120 through the trade-in option.
  • iPhone 11 Pro users can benefit from a trade-in value of Rs 36,485.
  • Trading in an iPhone 12 Pro unlocks a trade-in value of around Rs 46,120.

Exploring Trade-in for Android Phones

While Apple generously allows users to exchange their Android phones, it’s worth noting that the trade-in values are comparatively more lucrative for iPhones, as reported by BGR India.

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Overview of iPhone 13 Features

Diving into the iPhone 13’s features, this model boasts a 6.1-inch OLED display with a distinctive notch, a screen resolution of 2532×1170 pixels, dual 12-megapixel rear cameras, the powerful A15 Bionic chipset, a 12-megapixel selfie camera, and a plethora of other cutting-edge functionalities.

Why Choose iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 is not just about discounts; it’s a powerhouse of innovation and advanced technology. From its stunning OLED display to the formidable A15 Bionic chipset, this device promises an unparalleled user experience. The dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and a high-resolution selfie camera add an extra layer of versatility, making it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the Apple iPhone 13 Diwali offer brings not only exciting discounts on the latest technology but also an environmentally conscious trade-in option for older devices. This festive season, elevate your smartphone experience with the iPhone 13 and make the most of the limited-time Diwali offer. Happy Diwali and happy upgrading!


How long is the Diwali offer valid?

The Diwali offer on the iPhone 13 is limited and available only for the festive season. To make the most of this exclusive deal, ensure to check the Apple India store promptly.

Can I trade in an Android phone for the iPhone 13 offer?

While Apple does allow the exchange of Android phones, the trade-in values are notably higher for iPhones. For the best value, consider trading in your old iPhone.

How do I check the trade-in value of my old iPhone?

Checking the trade-in value is simple. Visit the Apple online store, enter the serial number of your existing iPhone, and the webpage will provide you with the exact trade-in value.

Is the Diwali offer applicable only online, or can I avail it in physical stores?

The Diwali offer for the iPhone 13 is specifically available on Apple’s online store in India. To enjoy the discounts and trade-in options, make your purchase online.

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