Update on Nuh District: Curfew Relaxed, Internet Ban Extended, and Nuh Deputy CM Addresses Recent Violence

In a recent update on the Nuh district, significant developments have unfolded. The curfew has been relaxed, allowing for a semblance of normalcy to return. Additionally, the extension of the internet ban has been enforced to maintain law and order. In response to the recent violence that occurred, Nuh Deputy CM Addresses Recent Violence has stepped forward to address the situation.

Nuh Deputy CM Addresses Recent Violence

In Nuh Deputy CM Addresses Recent Violence In The District

The curfew imposed following the violence in the Nuh district of Haryana was relaxed on Thursday. Markets opened from 7 am and will remain open until 3 am today, which is an 8-hour duration. The liquor ban will continue in effect until midnight on Friday. The entire district still has the presence of paramilitary forces and police personnel on patrol. However, there have been no untoward incidents in Nuh in the past 10 days.

Markets, banks, ATMs, and other stores will be allowed to open until 3 am during the curfew relaxation period. On July 31, the curfew was imposed in the district after the violence erupted. Six people died in the violence in Nuh, and 57 First Information Reports (FIRs) were registered. So far, 188 individuals have been arrested. In light of this, police and paramilitary personnel remain vigilant in the area.

Internet ban extended until August 11

Meanwhile, the situation has not yet improved after the Nuh violence. In light of this, the internet ban has been extended until 12 pm on August 11. The Secretary of the Interior, TVSN Prasad, issued these orders. According to the order, there is a risk of law and order disruption and the spread of rumors through social media in Nuh.

Nuh Deputy CM stated – SP was on leave, couldn’t understand the situation

Regarding the Nuh violence, Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala stated that the conditions in Nuh were not properly understood in time. The Superintendent of Police (SP) was on leave, and the officers who were in charge in his absence also couldn’t grasp the situation. Additionally, the local administration and organizers also failed to comprehend the situation.

He mentioned that he came to know about it in the morning, and the Additional Director General (ADG) of his Crime Investigation Department (CID) also discussed this matter. If the SP of Nuh was on leave, then I specifically asked him to send the SP from Bhiwani. The Deputy CM stated that the situation is currently normal, and those involved in the disturbances are being identified. Religion is not being considered in this matter, and those found guilty will be held accountable.

Nuh to Conduct ID Verification of 2,000 Individuals

Government sources reveal that following recommendations from Manipur, government agencies have decided to carry out identity verification for 2,000 migrants in Nuh. This decision comes in the wake of the arrest of 2 Rohingyas on Monday in Nuh. According to police sources, the violence in Nuh on July 31 involved individuals from Myanmar who arrived in Nuh using illegal identities from Assam or Bengal.

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Regarding this, SP Narendra Bizarania of Nuh mentioned that ID verification is necessary so that legal actions can be taken. These individuals are exploited in exchange for asylum here. They are either bought or coerced into engaging in illegal activities. There have even been reports of their women being exploited under the guise of the local population. Therefore, it’s imperative to take action by verifying their IDs.

Intelligence sources also indicate that relocating these individuals from non-search to Fatehabad would be recommended.

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