Knott’s Berry Farm shut down after multiple fights among teens break out, park says

Multiple fights bust out Saturday night at Knott’s Berry Farm, forcing peopel to out of the park for several hours early. Prompting a police response.

Buena Park police said many calls to 911 rumored possible gunfire, however officers at the scene determined no shots were fired.

Police asked individaully people to avoid the space as they investigated the incident.

Knott’s Berry Farm was shut down Saturday night after multiple fights were reported at the park, authorities said.

“I just seen people fighting and hitting security,” said a teen. “I seen people on the floor bleeding. It was like a riot. It was bad.”

“The safety of Knott’s Berry Farm’s guests and associates is their our top priority,” the park said during a statement. “On Saturday evening, they decided to close the park three hours early because of unruly behavior and altercations involving a various number of teenagers. This behavior failed to align with our park’s values, and wasn’t the experience we wish any guest to own whereas visiting Knott’s Berry Farm.”

Rumors of a shooting prompted afraid patrons to hide, in line with social media posts.

“There was a fight while everyone was jammed to get out,” wrote one daily vistor on Facebook. “Suddenly everyone was screaming and so running. we have a tendency to let out the place through the staff only area.”

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