Google Doodle Celebrates Popular South Asian Street Food ‘Pani Puri’

On July 12, 2015, a restaurant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, made history by creating 51 unique flavors of pani puri thats why Google Doodle celebrates pani puri Day. Now after eight years this incredible achievement and India’s enduring affection for Pani Puri with a vibrant and interactive Doodle.

Google doodle celebrates pani puri day

Pani puri is a popular, bite-sized snack that goes by various names and boasts regional variations across India. It comprises a crispy, hollow, fried flatbread known as puri, which is delicately filled with a blend of flavored water, called pani, and a dry filling.

In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, the filling typically features cooked chickpeas, along with a combination of white peas and sprouts immersed in a spicy and tangy pani. In Delhi, Punjab, and other northern states, this beloved street food is commonly referred to as gol gappas. Gol gappas are usually stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and chickpeas, and then dunked into jaljeera-infused water. In West Bengal and parts of Bihar and Jharkhand, the snack is known as puchkas or fuchkas. Tamarind pulp plays a crucial role in these regions.

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With its extensive array of flavors and widespread popularity throughout India, Pani Puri has garnered millions of fans. When it comes to savoring this delectable treat, there is one universally known rule: consume it all at once to avoid it becoming soggy.

Google pays tribute to Pani Puri with a captivating Doodle, symbolizing its significance and the cherished place it holds in Indian culinary culture.

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