Fear and paranoia in the White House: Trump’s ex-aide reveals his final days in office

Fear and paranoia in the White House. In her new book “Enough”, Donald Trump ‘s former aide Cassidy Hutchinson describes the last days of his tenure in the White House as even more chaotic , but also completely outside the scope of legality, than ,which she had previously revealed in her sensational deposition last summer.

Fear and paranoia in the White House

In the book by Trump’s former associate, the former president makes unprovoked attacks and makes demands that are out of touch with reality. Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is leaking classified documents to friendly right-wing media figures and burning documents. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is not bashing Hutchinsonon the day of the Capitol riot.

The book also shows key Republican figures”Cash, if I can stay in this job and keep (Trump) out of jail, I’ll have done a good job.”, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, to clearly state behind the scenes what they have avoided telling the American people: that Joe Biden won the presidential election and that Trump lost.

Meadows reportedly told Hutchinson in June 2020. Hutchinson, whose Capitol Hill riot testimony before the subcommittee on Jan.6 described her internal battle with what transpired at the end of the Trump administration, and how she eventually chose to come out and testify about everything she observed in the oval office, and delivered the most damning depiction of Trump’s insider activities — and lack of action in resistance.

According to Hutchinson, Trump’s “universe” resembled a criminal organisation where allegiance was paramount. Meadows says he would “do anything” to help Trump re-elected during a 2020 campaign event.

At the height of the Covid outbreak, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain acquired the illness and died after Trump’s indoor, mask-free rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “We killed Herman Cain,” Meadows told Hutchinson and asked for his wife’s phone number. Meadows appears in the book as two-faced. A spokesman for the former chief of staff denied Hutchinson’s testimony in a statement to CNN.

It is noted that in a visit to an N-95 mask manufacturing factory, Hutchinson advised Trump to take off his mask before facing the cameras because the bronzer in his makeup was… staining the rubber bands.In another notable case, visitors to the White House who tested positive for Covid were welcomed as Trump insisted on meeting with them.

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Hutchinson didn’t really start challenging her superiors until after the election.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe expresses his concern at how unpredictable the then president is, noting that one moment he “admits he’s lost… The next he does a 180-degree turn.”

“I don’t want people to know we lost, Mark. This is embarrassing. Get it,” Donald Trump typically says to his chief of staff. Even then, when Meadows assured Trump that he would do everything he could on the matter, Hutchinson “tackled” the chief of staff who gave Trump false hope, not Trump who demanded that his delusions become reality.

Hutchinson also describes a White House that has operated outside the law in recent weeks, with Meadows regularly burning documents in his office fireplace. After the chief of staff’s office started smoking before a meeting , former Republican Rep. Devin Nunes asked, “How often does he burn papers?”

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